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RBP Bauer Deblistering in EuskirchenFor more than 35 years we – RBP Bauer GmbH – have accepted the challenge of mechanically emptying pharmaceutical blister packs in compliance with GMP standards successfully! As market leader in this sector we develop machines which allow effective and reliable recovery of valuable pharmaceuticals from faulty blister strips.

RBP Bauer has the right answer to all of your deblislering needs!
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Why deblistering?

All blister packs rejected in the course of a production process contain valuable pharmaceuticals. If these highly sensitive products are not returned immediately to the current batch packaging cycle, substantial losses will be incurred.

In the following cases, RBP deblistering machines may be used to recover your products:

  • erratic pocket filling
  • illegible or incorrect batch number
  • inaccurate perforation
  • blister size changes
  • product fracture
  • incorrect printing
  • poor blister sealing
  • deblistering of returns
  • R+D for clinical studies
  • testing of new deep-drawing tools

Efficient deblistering increases the efficiency of blister lines. Using RBP machines allows skilled staff to be assigned to more productive tasks, enables the recovery of expensive products and significantly reduces waste disposal costs.

2 types of blisters with different requirements – the right model for the right blister types

Push-through blisters
Recommended models: D1500, D2500, D3600

PVC/AI, Mono, AI/AI; with and without perforation;
even child-proof push-through types; blisters fed crosswise, lengthwise or diagonally, also separation of product rows.

Peelable blisters
Our favourite to meet all requirements: CP50

All commonly used materials including AI/AI; with and without perforation;
also suitable for very sensitive products in push-through blisters.

Made in Germany!

All RBP Bauer machinery and tool sets

are quality products.

We are happy to optimally fit all settings to suit your needs!

Details on our product groups

1> Deblistering

For over 35 years, the RBP Bauer GmbH is the worldwide leader in the Deblistering sector. In the past, we have developed our machines following the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

2 > Quality Control

For some time, holistic care of your Deblistering process is our aim. The quality control is important today.

3 > Other Products

To round off our product portfolio you will find some special machines here. These include both the blister manufacture, as well as a punch or a shredder .

4 > apocare

Through the supply of hospitals or nursing homes, the deblistering machines have become indispensable for pharmacies. With acpocare we offer a comprehensive range of products that is designed specifically to meet your needs in the pharmacy environment.

With RBP Bauer on the safe side!

We offer tools for all blister types.

Talk to us! We're here to help.

What can we do for you?

All RBP machines are factory-set on delivery and can be put into operation immediately with minimum start-up effort. On request, we offer setup services, orientation and personnel training, on-site or by video, as well as validation support according to your specifications.

All RBP machines are delivered with a comprehensive set of documentation comprising an easily understandable and well-illustrated operating manual, a circuit diagram with list of parts, the machine layout, the GS test certificate and an EU Declaration of Conformity including a list of the used materials.

All RBP machines and change parts are covered by a product warranty of two years. Of course, you can rely on our continued customer support even after this period, should any problems occur.

Validation support

We are pleased to offer a validation support (IQ / QQ). Please send us your requirement.

We can help you anytime …

Ulrike Sistig

Ulrike Sistig

Management Assistant

Please contact Ulrike Sistig regarding all kind o questions.

Henri Engel

Henri Engel


Even CEO Dipl.-Ing. Henri Engel is always available with advice and practical help.

Anna Dederichs

Anna Dederichs

National Distribution

For the distribution in Germany Anna Dederichs is your ideal contact person.

Luis Lozano

Luis Lozano

Technical support

For specific questions about technical details, write  Dipl.-Math. Luis Lozano an e-mail.

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With RBP Bauer on the safe side!

We offer tools for all blister types.

Talk to us! We're here to help.



RBP Bauer at ACHEMA 2015

Since the beginning of this week we are in Frankfurt at ACHEMA – World Forum and 31st International Trade Fair for Process Industry and we would be pleased, to welcome you at our booth – Hall 3.1 / Stand A98 – till Friday, 19th of June 2015.

Experience our new CP50 spot ...

More effective than ever

  • higher processing speed,
  • automatic format adjustment
  • and an intuitive operating concept through our new touch panel!

Overall, a drastic reduction of changeover time and elimination of nearly all operation errors!

Experience the latest version of Damage Detect in connection with our proven D3600!

We have moved!

Since May, 8th 2015 you can reach us in our new premises in Euskirchen, Roitzheimer Str. 12. Since then on our phone numbers have changed! In order to process your enquiries and orders swiftly, thoroughly and smoothly, as usual, we kindly ask you to change our contact details as follows:

RBP Bauer GmbH
Roitzheimer Str. 12
D - 53879 Euskirchen
Tel: +49-2251-77478-0
Fax: +49-2251-77478-20
E-Mail: info@rbp.de
Internet: www.rbp.de

Please note, that since May, 8th 2015 the old telephone and fax numbers are no longer available! If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

RBP Bauer Deblistering with a new stand at INTERPACK '14