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RBP Bauer Deblistering in EuskirchenFor more than 35 years we – RBP Bauer GmbH – have accepted the challenge of mechanically emptying pharmaceutical blister packs in compliance with GMP standards successfully! As market leader in this sector we develop machines which allow effective and reliable recovery of valuable pharmaceuticals from faulty blister strips.

NEW - Quality control by RBP Bauer:

  • Final inspectionof the emptied products with proven solutions from Scanware GmbH

RBP Bauer has the right answer to all of your deblislering needs! We will be pleased to talk to you about technical aspects, specifications and costs …

Phone +49-2251-77478-0

Maximum Recovery

… for almost every blister!

Maximum Control

… in almost every step!

Maximum Service

… by RBP partners almost everywhere!

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01.10. - 03.10.2019
Algiers, Algeria, Centre International des Conférences d'Algiers - CIC

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