The deblistering machine for peelable blisters.

This machine is used for emptying blister packs with non-push-through foils. For increased unattainability for children or protection from moisture these blisters are fitted with an additional peeling foil which has to be pulled off by the consumer.

The patented CP50 model performs deblistering without forcing the products through the foil covering. A laser and PLC controlled system opens the pockets accurately around the product by punching the peeling and cover foil at the pocket border, causing the product to fall out of the existing opening.

Efficient deblistering has a name: RBP Bauer Deblistering.

With more than 4000 different sets of tooling sold to date, we have handled any conceivable type of blister. But even with this record, we are still looking forward to new challenges.

RBP Bauer has the right answer to all of your deblislering needs! We will be pleased to talk to you about technical aspects, specifications and costs.

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Rbp Cp50 100 2
In use forPeelable blisters Push through packs
VersionsMounted on mobile stainless steel workstation
Size (L x W x H)1110 mm x 610 mm x 1130 mm
Weight approx.160 kg
OutputCUT Mode: up to 50 blisters/min, infinitely adjustable CONTI Mode: up to 60 blisters/min, infinitely adjustable
Format range (W x L)variable between 40-145 mm x 55-130 mm
Tool sets5-7 kg
Supply voltage110/230 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Control voltage24 V DC
Tooling changeover approx.3 min
CommentsPatent-Nr. 1119706561 / GS-Nr. 07140

All RBP-machines and deblistering tools are a testimony to our comprehensive know-how. We only use carefully selected and thoroughly tested quality parts and materials in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry‘s demanding standards. All RBP-machines are factory-set on delivery and can be commissioned immediately with minimum start-up effort. On request, we can offer you setup and on-site training services as well as validation support according to your specification. All RBP-machines come with a comprehensive set of documentation comprising easily understandable and richly illustrated operating instructions, a circuit diagram with part lists, the machine layout, the GS test certificate and an EU Declaration of Conformity including a list of the used materials. All RBP-machines and change parts are covered by a product warranty of two years. Of course, you can rely on our continued customer support after this period, should any problems occur.

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