RBP Bauer ST50

The RBP Bauer ST50 offers the possibility to divide any standard blisters into single pocket blisters or pocket groups.


  • no products are left hidden in the machine
  • the machine is easy to clean
  • the divided blisters as well as the residues are automatically separated


  • mobile stainless steel workstation with integral switch cabinet for collecting the divided blisters in accordance with GMP requirements
  • magazine level monitor for automatic switch-off
  • stored programme control (PLC)


  • simple, reliable and accurate blister dividing
  • electronically controlled throughput rate, dividing up to 40 blisters a minute
  • operating errors are almost impossible
  • tested product-specific change parts (5 parts) require no adjustment at all
In use forall commercially available blister
Size (L x W x H)520 x 520 x 1360 mm
Weight approx.80 kg
Outputinfinitely variable, up to 40 blister/min
Format range (W x L)145 x 130 mm
Tool sets1,5 kg
Supply voltage110/230 V AC / 50-60 Hz
Control voltage24 V DC
Pneumatic8 bar
Tooling changeover approx.10 min

All RBP-machines and tools are a testimony to our comprehensive know-how. We only use carefully selected and thoroughly tested quality parts and materials in accordance with the pharmaceutical industry‘s demanding standards. All RBP-machines are factory-set on delivery and can be commissioned immediately with minimum start-up effort. On request, we can offer you setup and on-site training services as well as validation support according to your specification. All RBP-machines come with a comprehensive set of documentation comprising easily understandable and richly illustrated operating instructions, a circuit diagram with part lists, the machine layout, the GS test certificate and an EU Declaration of Conformity including a list of the used materials. All RBP-machines and change parts are covered by a product warranty of two years. Of course, you can rely on our continued customer support after this period, should any problems occur.

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