1> Deblistering

For over 35 years, the RBP Bauer GmbH is the worldwide leader in the Deblistering sector. In the past, we have developed our machines following the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

2 > Quality Control

For some time, holistic care of your Deblistering process is our aim. The quality control is important today.

3 > Other Products

To round off our product portfolio you will find some special machines here. These include, among other things, a blister punch or a blister shredder .

RBP Bauer D1500

Ideal for hospital pharmacy and laboratory use. This compact device incorporates a bottom roll with adjustable discs that are infinitely variable for any blister type. It is operated with minimum effort using a manual crank, requiring no electrical connection whatsoever.…

RBP Bauer D2500

Individual and flexible. Under manufacturing conditions the RBP Bauer D2500 with its two part tool sets (two rolls) is used to recover smaller quantities. Up to 35 manually fed blisters per minute can be emptied efficiently. For blisters with diagonally…

RBP Bauer D3600

The right choice for large quantity applications. Most of our customers have a D3600 installed near every blister line to improve their batch yield. Equipped with speed control, magazine level monitoring, level sensors, counter and product-specific tool sets the machines…

RBP Bauer ST50

The RBP Bauer ST50 offers the possibility to divide any standard blisters into single pocket blisters or pocket groups. RBP Bauer ST50 AND GMP no products are left hidden in the machine the machine is easy to clean the divided…


VeriPac UBV – Universal Blister Verification The VeriPac UBV Leak Detection System is a deterministic non-destructive technology designed specifically for multi-cavity blister packs. The VeriPac UBV utilizes volumetric imaging under vacuum to detect the presence and location of leaks. It’s…

Damage Detect

All information on this product can be found here soon.If you would like to be informed about the project development  we are glad to inform you for example via our contact-form or email to