Overarching product areas

1 > Blister emptying

For over 40 years, RBP Bauer GmbH has been a market leader in the blister emptying sector. In the past we have developed our machines following the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry.

2 > Quality control

For some time now, we have been concerned about holistic support for your deblistering process. Quality control plays an important role in this today.

3 > Other products

To round off our product portfolio, you will find some special machines here. These include, among others, a blister punch or a blister shredder.

Product Overview

Rbp D1500 100

RBP Bauer D1500

Ideal for hospital pharmacy and laboratory use. This compact device incorporates a bottom roll with adjustable discs that are infinitely variable for any blister type. It is operated with minimum effort using a manual crank, requiring no electrical connection whatsoever.…

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Rbp D2500 100 1

RBP Bauer D2500

Individual and flexible. Under manufacturing conditions the RBP Bauer D2500 with its two part tool sets (two rolls) is used to recover smaller quantities. Up to 35 manually fed blisters per minute can be emptied efficiently. For blisters with diagonally…

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Rbp D3600 100 1

RBP Bauer D3600

The right choice for large quantity applications. Most of our customers have a D3600 installed near every blister line to improve their batch yield. Equipped with speed control, magazine level monitoring, level sensors, counter and product-specific tool sets the machines…

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Rbp Cp50 100 2

RBP Bauer CP50

The deblistering machine for peelable blisters. This machine is used for emptying blister packs with non-push-through foils. For increased unattainability for children or protection from moisture these blisters are fitted with an additional peeling foil which has to be pulled…

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Rbp Stanze 100

RBP Bauer ST50

The RBP Bauer ST50 offers the possibility to divide any standard blisters into single pocket blisters or pocket groups. RBP Bauer ST50 AND GMP SPECIAL FEATURES AND OPTIONS BENEFITS AT A GLANCE Model ST50 In use for all commercially available…

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Optipac Benefits

PTI OptiPac

Blister packaging is one of the most practical and convenient packaging formats for tablets and capsules. Blister packaging is specifically used for tablets and capsules to pack them in a convenient and controlled way for easy patient use. Blister packaging…

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Frequently asked questions in the products section

Non-push-through blister packs, also known as “peelable” blister packs, differ from push-through blister packs in their opening method and other features. Here’s what makes them special, both in terms of how they are used and how they are emptied: Resealability: The most salient feature of non-push-through blister packs is that …

Push-through blister packs, also known as push-through blisters or push-through blisters, are a special type of blister packaging commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging medications. What makes push-through blisters special is their functionality and ease of use, especially in terms of emptying and consuming the medications they contain. …

A format set in the context of a drug blister pack refers to the specific arrangement or layout in which the drugs or tablets are arranged within the blister pack. This set or layout is used in the manufacture of blister packs to ensure that the medications are properly and …

RBP Bauer has many years of experience and a strong presence in the pharmaceutical industry with numerous satisfied customers.

Deblistering machines vary, but they typically include cutting, suction or gripping tools to open the blister pack.