What does deblistering mean?

Deblistering is a process in which medicines or other products are removed from blister packs (also known as blister strips or blister trays). Blister packs usually consist of a plastic or aluminum foil divided into individual compartments or cups, with each compartment containing a single product, such as a tablet or capsule.

The deblistering process is used in a variety of situations, including:

  • Product recovery: If products are packaged incorrectly during production, they can be removed from the blister packs and reintroduced into the production process to minimize losses.
  • Quality control: When checking product batches, samples can be taken from the blister packs and analyzed to ensure that the right products have been packed in the right quantities and in perfect condition.
  • Clinical trials: In pharmaceutical research and development, drugs can be removed from blister packs and used in specific dosages for clinical trials.
  • Drug take-back: In healthcare, deblistering can be used to remove medications from blister packs that have not been used by patients and need to be taken back for reuse or disposal.

The deblistering process can be performed manually or with special machines that gently remove products from blister packs to avoid damage. Companies specializing in deblistering often offer this service to pharmaceutical manufacturers and other industries to increase efficiency and minimize losses.

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