What is special about NON-push-through (peelable) blisters?

Non-push-through blister packs, also known as “peelable” blister packs, differ from push-through blister packs in their opening method and other features. Here’s what makes them special, both in terms of how they are used and how they are emptied:

  • Resealability: The most salient feature of non-push-through blister packs is that they are resealable. Users can reseal the package after removing a dose to protect the remaining doses from external influences. This makes them ideal for medications that need to be taken over a long period of time.
  • Precise dosing: similar to push-through blisters, non-press-through blisters allow for precise dosing as each chamber contains a single dose.
  • Protection and shelf life: The non-push-through blister packaging provides good protection against moisture, light and other external influences, which extends the shelf life of the medication.
  • Labeling and identification: each chamber in non-impressible blisters can be individually labeled and identified to ensure correct dosage and avoid mix-ups.
  • Security: The non-pressurizable nature of these packages provides some protection against accidental ingestion or children accessing the medication.

With respect to the emptying of non-push-through blisters, this process may be somewhat different than for push-through blisters. Emptying usually requires pulling or peeling the lid or a protective film off the blister pack to gain access to the medications contained. This requires some skill and care to ensure that the medications are properly removed.

The choice between push-through and non-push-through blisters depends on the specific requirements of the medication, its duration of use, and other factors. Non-push-through blister packs are particularly suitable for medications that must be taken over a long period of time and where resealability is an advantage.

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