What is special about push-through blisters?

Push-through blister packs, also known as push-through blisters or push-through blisters, are a special type of blister packaging commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry for packaging medications. What makes push-through blisters special is their functionality and ease of use, especially in terms of emptying and consuming the medications they contain. Here are some features that make push-through blisters special:

  • Easy dosing: Push-through blister packs are designed so that users can easily remove the medication by pressing on the blister chamber. This facilitates accurate dosing as each chamber contains a single dose.
  • Protection and shelf life: due to the airtight seal and protection from external influences, such as moisture or light, the medications in push-through blisters remain well protected and have a longer shelf life.
  • Labeling and identification: The medications in push-through blisters can be easily identified, as each chamber is usually labeled individually. This helps to avoid mix-ups.
  • Safety: push-through blisters offer some protection against accidental ingestion or children accessing the medication, as the packaging remains intact until it is intentionally opened.
  • Travel and storage convenience: Due to their compact shape and protection of the medication, push-through blisters are well suited for travel and storage of single doses.

With regard to the emptying of push-through blisters, specialized deblistering machines are required to gently and efficiently remove the drugs from the blister chambers. These machines must be designed in such a way that they do not damage the blister packaging and preserve the integrity of the drugs contained.

The ease of use and protective features of push-through blisters make them a popular choice for packaging medications, especially for single doses or short dosing cycles.

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